Welcome New Hannah Grimes Staff Member: Patricia Richter

Hannah Grimes Center welcomes new employee, Patricia Richter. Pat was hired in December 2011 to fill the one-year, half-time position funded by the Community Development Block Grant Program. Her primary goals are to ensure that by December 2012 Hannah Grimes has a more effective and efficient infrastructure to more fully utilize their new, expanded capacity in the short term and to ensure sustainability of those efforts in the longer term.

Strengths that she brings to the position are a B.A. in Business from Northwest Missouri State University with a major in Marketing and eleven years administering small city and regional programs in community and economic development. Job creation was an important facet of her responsibility there and is why she wanted to be part of the amazing programs run by the Hannah Grimes Center.

Pat moved to New Hampshire almost four years ago with her husband, Nelson and her husband’s mother, Margaret to be closer to their daughters and their families. The family farm in Missouri, where her husband and his father were born, became a Century Farm last summer and continues to operate under lease to life-long friends and neighbors. Although she grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, Pat has a strong connection to the land and its stewardship. She and her husband love to fly fish, hike and spend time at the ocean. Her mother-in-law taught her to quilt, a family tradition which they both enjoy.

Please, stop by Pat’s office when you are at HGC and say “hello”. Her office hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday thru Thursday.