Improving the Odds

It is a sunny afternoon and we are gathered around a table in a bright and sunny office here at the Hannah Grimes Center.  A diverse collection of businesses is gathered that share office space, challenges and ideas.  They also share the credit for their work together that yielded a 29% average growth rate in 2011. 

A big lesson for me in 2011 is how truly malleable business outcomes can be – that business owners can control their destiny to a great extent.  The formula to business success is not complicated, and an openness to learn, collaborate, persevere and continually improve goes a long way in improving the odds.

Congratulations to all of you who have succeeded this past year in these still-challenging economic conditions and a warm thanks to all those who have helped contribute to the success of Hannah Grimes and to the businesses it serves.

Keep up the good work,

Mary Ann Kristiansen
Executive Director, Hannah Grimes Center