How Google Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re a business owner who’s interested in boosting your SEM (search engine marketing) game, you probably already know that online advertising in the form of Google Ads is one of the most effective actions you can take when it comes to garnering new business.

For over 15 years, Google Ads (AdWords) has been successfully helping companies of all types and sizes to grow their business at a small cost.

But what makes this advertising strategy so useful for so many businesses around the world? Read on for more information.

What Makes Google Ads So Effective?

Google Ads helps you find the customers you’re searching for by placing ads at the front of the search queue, helping people who are already looking for a given product or service the information they need immediately.

Google Ads, in other words, doesn’t “convince” people to buy but instead offers guidance to people who have already made product purchasing decisions about where and how to purchase. They catch people in a key moment of the buying decision, such as after they know they want to buy something, but just aren’t sure where.


Another thing that makes Google Ads so successful is that they make it easy to remarket.  What’s remarketing? It helps people find you more easily by showing them an ad even though they’ve already visited your site or otherwise been exposed to your brand.

One thing that has made remarketing even more powerful — or at least kept it consistently on the mark for the past several years, as internet technologies evolve and change — is video advertising. YouTube and other video sites are powerful advertising devices when it comes to most phases of the buyer’s journey, including remarketing.


Call campaigns may incorporate PPC but are based on the volume of phone calls a business receives. It’s an immediate and personal connection, one that not all companies are facilitating these days — and in this sense, it can put a business ahead of the game.

So if you push your leads to call about a particular point, you’re on the right track and generating some critical leads.

Why Google Ads Work

The reason that this type of advertising works is that it helps you show up in places where you wouldn’t ordinarily be seen — in other words, it increases visibility.

Google Ads puts you on the map and shows people that your company is an option, even if it’s not exactly what they thought they were looking for.

Google Ads can help you optimize your advertising campaign and help you not only attract a higher number of customers but have them be the right ones.

Our Promise

Menadena has a PPC (pay-per-click) strategy that they regularly use to boost client connections. Of course, the primary goal is revenue, but the secondary benefit is loyalty.

We love engaging with clients and learning about their goals and their customers. Then, we’ll design and tailor a PPC ad campaign that is destined to reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

With over ten years of active experience in digital marketing, our strategy and copywriting processes will help you reach more customers. But first, we’ll do a specific analysis and audit of your website.

Would you like to discover how to use Google Ads to strengthen your customer base and boost conversions? To get a clear picture of how you can grow your business with Menadena, schedule a free consultation today.

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