Nonprofits: Strengthening Businesses & Our Local Economy

Originally published in the Monadnock Shopper News

In the Monadnock Region, we are fortunate to have a number of large companies giving generously to the “small guy” and our community.  What we don’t always notice is that the reverse is true as well.  Our community has many small businesses and nonprofits offering services that enable both large & small businesses and our community to thrive.

In past articles, we featured how independent businesses support nonprofits.  We’re flipping that around in this article, focusing on how nonprofits support for-profit businesses and our local economy.

“Nonprofits are businesses that have been granted a special tax status by the IRS because they provide a public benefit and their profits support their mission,” shares Mary Ann Kristiansen Executive Director of the Hannah Grimes Center. “They provide jobs, require a solid business model, purchase goods, rent and own property and provide good and services.  They provide vital support and direct contributions to a thriving local economy and vibrant community.”

One locally-owned business owner who receives direct support from The Hannah Grimes Center is local architect Michael Petrovick. He is an associate of the Hannah Grimes Business Incubator, a business growth program that includes office space.

“I can’t say enough about how important a role Hannah Grimes Center and the events hosted here have played in the immediate growth of my business,” says Mike. “I’ve gotten two new projects and some great opportunities for future work. The time I’ve invested in attending Hannah Grimes events has clearly been time well spent.”

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