Building a Green Local Economy

By Christina O’Brien, SISR Architecture
Originally Posted at Monadnock Shopper News

It is a very important mission of ours here at SISR Architecture, LLC to promote locally manufactured green building products to our clients. While buying local products helps stimulate and strengthen the local economy (which is so very critical these days), it also helps reduce carbon emissions from transporting goods across the country and beyond. And doesn’t it just make sense to purchase goods from someone close by (who you may even know) rather than from someone who lives and works thousands of miles away? We think so!

Our office started a list of locally manufactured green building products.  It is a modest list right now, but we hope that people like you will help us on this quest by suggesting businesses that we can include. And just to be clear, our office is not a third party testing agency for any of the products listed. We only hope to promote local and regional businesses (within a 500 miles radius of Keene, NH) and rely on a good faith effort that the products listed are made locally and manufactured with the materials that their producers claim.

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