Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applications

Are you curious about farming and the natural world around you? Would you like to have a chance to learn how to grow all sorts of wonderful foods for you and your family? How about the opportunity to help take care of animals? If any of this appeals to you, waste no time in applying for one of the FREE farm camp scholarships. Applicants should be age 5-20 and Cheshire County residents. Applications are due MARCH 1, 2013.

Tiny seeds can produce baskets of delicious red tomatoes, tasty carrots, and colorful fresh lettuce for yummy salads. Animals give us fresh milk from which we can make flavorful cheese or butter; they also give us eggs, meat and even wool to make clothing! At farm camp you will be encouraged to plant, observe, nurture, problem solve and celebrate the importance of where your food comes from. It’s a wonderful learning adventure! Jeff Smith was a man who also loved farms and the natural landscape around him. He felt it was everyone’s job to keep the soil protected and cared for, so that it would always be there for you,  your children, and your children’s children to enjoy and have foods that keep families happy and healthy.

Jeff Smith would love the thought of your spending time on a real farm — learning about how you can work and care for the beautiful land here in your own community. So, go ahead! Tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested in this program.

For more information contact the Cheshire County Conservation District – 603-756-2988 ext 116 or Click here for a link to the application document.