As you are well aware, our rural region is facing significant challenges in the national economy.  Economic indicators of growth have declined steeply in recent years and we know you agree that the community needs to respond swiftly and decisively.  With our strong tradition of collaboration and common sense, we know this community has what it takes to respond successfully and get on back on a good economic track for the future.

310 M is a business-centric initiative of the Hannah Grimes Center to align business and community partners behind a bold, shared vision to create the right conditions to drive high quality job growth in the region.  Hannah Grimes is in the process of purchasing an industrial building at 310 Marlboro Street to house the initiative and create a Business Center for Innovation, Technology & Advanced Manufacturing.   In 2016 we plan to:

  • ASSESS current business community needs and opportunities
  • EDUCATE businesses about available resources
  • CONNECT businesses leaders with resources, each other and the community
  • INSPIRE businesses to collaborate on creating an innovative, thriving and growing local economy that will benefit their business
  • CREATE A PLAN for business and community partners to address needs and develop opportunities.

This survey will help us connect with businesses and systematically assess business needs to make sure the project focuses on the most significant challenges and opportunities of our business community.   Thank you for being part of the team, we hope you find the process easy, the connections rewarding, and the information interesting.


Interview Team

Ken Abbott

Don Brehm

Joy Byk

Jason Chagnon

Bill Gurney

Parker Hansel

Mollie Kaylor

Medard Kopczynski

Jay Pettapiece

Bob Rooney

Gregg Solovei

Tom Uhlig

Terry Williams


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