Hannah Grimes Relies on You: One Donor’s Experience.

Recently, Keene resident Chuck Redfern used our web site donation function to make an individual donation. Like most nonprofits, the Hannah Grimes Center depends on the financial support of individuals, foundations, and private businesses to achieve its mission. Chuck kindly passed along some of his thoughts about contributing.

“Over the past year, I have participated in many of the Center’s program offerings: designed for both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The program leaders have been very knowledgeable in their respective professional fields. As a result of these programs, I believe I have gained significant education and insight not just from the programs leaders, but from other course participants as well.

Although I received more personal development value than the amount of my monetary donation, I felt it very important to express my support for your mission at some level. I share in the vision and role Hannah Grimes has established for itself in the community. I first learned of Hannah Grimes’ vision while I was a member of the Keene City Council, and I believed it would be a key element in the development of individual entrepreneurship in the area. In fact, Hannah Grimes provides those services and resources to its members found in communities much larger than Keene.

Although I generally do not transact fund exchanges over the internet, I found your website to be simple to use and secure for making the donation. I wish you continued success in bringing success to the entrepreneurs and non-profit members of our community. Sincerely, Chuck Redfern”

Thanks so much Chuck! We’d value and appreciate your help as well. Any amount is welcome; the key is to be involved and participate. Thank you.