Entrepreneur Project Helps “From the Kitchen of Annie” Aspire to New Heights

Since 1981, Christine Becotte has used proven, traditional recipes and handpicked seasonal and local produce to produce delicious jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, and more From the Kitchen of Annie. Christine was ready to grow her business to new levels and enrolled in Hannah Grimes’ Entrepreneur Project program.

Christine recalls, “I have been in manufacturing for many years and felt comfortable with the processing end of my business. I was concerned that, although I knew the basics of the ‘front’ end of the business, I was not comfortable that I was doing all of the right things to keep the wheels on the business.”

Led by nationally recognized business coach Ann Connor, the Entrepreneur Project is a six month program created for existing businesses ready to move to “the next level.” The Entrepreneur Project focuses your energy and helps you strategically move your business forward to achieve your goals – in the company of other like-minded experienced entrepreneurs. The class meets twice monthly and is limited to 8 participants. In addition, all participants work toward their goals with one-to-one business coaching sessions with Ann Connor.

“I now have a strategic business plan for going forward and growing my business. I also have a plan for how the business will be able to support me later on in life” says Christine. “Now I’m going into my busy season, and I already have three new customers.”

The Entrepreneur Project gives experienced business owners the opportunity to plan their business with a high level of structure, accountability and support. The Entrepreneur Project helps create long term goals, strategies for success and a road map to follow so your business stays on track.

The results of the program speak for themselves: on average, participants more than doubled the revenues of their company within a year after completing the Entrepreneur Project.

“Ann’s personality, sense of humor, and coaching experience really did add value to the project” added Christine. “Her real life experience contributed to being able to put the subjects to use in my business. We also had a great group; all of whom were foodies!

Christine has attended several other Hannah Grimes classes and workshops as well. “I have left with many new ideas and fresh points of view. I’ve also met a number of people that I continue to do business with or have developed friendships.”

The next Entrepreneur Project class is scheduled to begin September 11. Limited space is still available. To register, review the information on the website, fill out an application and email to Jillian Garcia at jillian@hannahgrimes.com. Or, of course, call us at (603) 352-5063.