Living with the Constant Call of the Virtual World

Okay, so I have to admit I slipped into sleeping with my iPhone in the last year. It all started with the Alarm that I could program to wake me up to the sound of a harp. Moving the charger to the plug near my night stand cinched the deal… we were sleeping together.

Then . . . I started waking up at 2:37 or 3:47 to check the news . . . Luckily I have managed to avoid middle of the night Facebook scrolling.  But finally one night I found myself speaking with a clear and intentional voice, “Hey, we have to stop seeing each other this way”.

Our technology is a critical piece of what allows us to keep everything going these days.  There is no getting around it. The problem is that it is so compelling that many of us are forced to developing strategies for its functions on a frequency that is very difficult for our mammalian and reptilian brains to manage.

Join me this Thursday, October 31, 12-1 pm at the Hannah Grimes Center for a reality check on Living with the Constant Call of the Virtual World. Need to relate? Watch this video to better understand my meaning and register here to take a break!

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