Business Topic of the Month: Start-Ups

With the wealth of information and opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate, connect and thrive, we have decided to bring more focus to our Hannah Grimes Times E-Newsletter by choosing a topic of the month. What better place to start than with start-ups.

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Some Online News & Resources for Start Ups

8 Poker Tactics That Apply to Start-ups
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By Emmanuel Marot

While the rules of poker are simple and the game itself is quite accessible, success typically requires more skill than luck. There’s a wisdom there that we can take from the game and apply to the startup life.

First Things First: Finding Help Through the NH Small Business Development Center
Evaluate Your Business Idea: Before going too far with your Business Plan, you may want to fill out Evaluating Your Business Idea (online fill-in .pdf). You can also find this resource, and many othes, in our Resource Library:

Small Business 101: How to Get Started
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By Barbara Whitaker

“Starting a business is actually easy. You can get business cards and an address at Mailboxes, etc.,” said Bill Morland, chairman of the Orange County chapter of Score, a nonprofit association that works with the S.B.A. to educate and assist entrepreneurs. “But you’re not really in business until you sell something, and that isn’t easy.”