One Spot Left! Our Next Business Start-Up Program Begins April 3

Scholarships available for those who qualify

Hannah Grimes’ Business Start-Up Program is a dynamic results-oriented journey of exploration, learning and goal setting for new businesses of all types. You’ll learn the skills and receive the support you need to reach your business goals – in the company of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Participants have either started a business within the past 12-18 months or are poised to launch a new business. We have one seat remaining for our next Program series, which begins April 3, 2014. This is a terrific opportunity – call today to learn more about applying!

The Business Start-Up Program runs over a six month period, with monthly three-hour meetings and assigned work between meetings. Participation is limited to eight, so the engagement and interaction is focused and personalized. For all the details, please visit our Start-Up Program webpage.

There are three aspects of the Business Start-Up Program that result in high performance results for participants.

  1. Unlike most business development programs, our Start-Up Program coaches you on both business development and personal development. In addition to understanding core business skills, many of the obstacles that surface for start-ups and new businesses relate to personal challenges and blocks that require concrete solutions to achieve better outcomes for your business.
  2. The Business Start-Up Program guides you to an understanding of several business fundamentals that you may never have been exposed to. And this is no academic exercise. The instruction is straightforward, logical and emphasizes practical application. The Program will help you create a written action plan that serves as a road map for your business.
  3. Along with mentoring from an experienced, knowledgeable instructor and coach you benefit from masterminding and resource sharing with the other members of your group. With a variety of backgrounds and experiences, participants offer insights and help each other understand the material, grow, and overcome obstacles.

Helaine Iris, owner of Path of Purpose leads our Business Start-Up Program. She brings nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship and personal development expertise as well as 12 years of coaching experience to the Program to help business owners achieve breakthrough results.

We’re also excited to be able to offer scholarships to qualifying participants. The scholarship pays for 75% of the total cost of the program. Qualification requires a minimum of additional paperwork and is based on household income.

Are you ready for the life-changing business skills and personal insights the Business Start-Up Program will deliver? Call 352-5063 or email today!

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