People are Noticing: a Local Economy is a Good Economy

I am very proud to report that Hannah Grimes’ mission and ongoing work were recognized recently in two prominent state-wide publications.

The Hannah Grimes Marketplace was named Retail Business of the Year by Business NH Magazine! Organizations in nine categories were chosen for “their outstanding civic contributions and exceptional performance within their industry sector.”

The past year or two have seen great changes at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace. The store has an experienced manager, new customers, increased sales, new members selling through the Marketplace, and a strategic and engaged board. Congratulations to all!

In addition, NH Magazine recognizes the importance of the buy local movement and included my efforts at Hannah Grimes as among the “Game Changers” for the state and our local economy.

Thanks to all of YOU. Your support of the Hannah Grimes’ mission to make our region an economically vibrant, innovative and healthy place to live is what these awards and recognition are all about.

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