Scholarship Dollars Available for Hannah Grimes’ Programs

Did you know that you may qualify for scholarship funds available to help cover the cost of Hannah Grimes’ educational programs and workshops?

Many of Hannah Grimes’ workshops, seminars and educational programs are free, but several do require a fee or tuition payment to participate.

Money has been set aside in a Hannah Grimes scholarship fund to help defray the cost of attending for individuals with low-to-moderate income. Qualification for our scholarship is based on family income.

We are very pleased to be able to do this. It helps make important programs, like our Entrepreneur Project, available to more people. The scholarship will pay up to 75% of the cost of any required fees and tuition.

Scholarships are available for the 3-Month Entrepreneur Project: Be Your Own Business Owner; the 6-Month Entrepreneur Project: Business Start-Up Program; and other select workshops such as Mastering Social media and Turning Your Brand into a marketing Dynamo.

So don’t assume you can’t afford to attend a program that will benefit you and your business. Call us to learn more.

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