Their Bosses Will Be Calling

By Mary Ann Kristiansen

For the past three years I have watched our entrepreneurs grapple with excruciatingly difficult budget decisions. They have buckled down and made their budgets work. They have questioned whether it was the right decision, but they knew they had to move forward even if it wasn't perfect. And they learned new skills to manage in a very different economy. They have taken workshops, consulted with professionals, leaned on the strength and wisdom of their colleagues. As the economy improves I can almost see them able to take one deep breath again and feel some satisfaction with their accomplishment of keeping their business afloat in the deepest recession since the depression.

How discouraging, then, to see the U.S. Congress unable to do the same. Rather than helping this economic recovery, their inability to do their job and pass a budget creates an unnecessary environment of uncertainty. There is plenty of uncertainty that we cannot do anything about, here is one that we can and we are not. We are just out of an election, so presumably they knew that they were signing up for a difficult assignment. We know what we expect of ourselves and what we expect of our employees. We should ask of no less of our elected officials – get your job done and done now. A two week extension, a three week extension – enough already.

Please take the time to contact your elected officials and ask them to communicate with their leadership that this important project has had two delays and their bosses are giving a final due date of Friday.

I hope you are sticking to your goals and commitments and that you are reaping the benefits of doing that. I am hearing from many of you that business is up and the pipeline is full.

Keep up the good work,

Mary Ann Kristiansen
Hannah Grimes Center Executive Director, 202-224-2841, 202-224-3324, 202-225-5206, 202-225-5456