Nonprofits Mean Business

At Hannah Grimes we work to build strong collaborations among a diverse mix of businesses, nonprofits included.  From apples to aerospace to after-school programs – we know these improbable collaborations are the key ingredient for strong and innovative businesses and communities in an increasingly complex and quickly changing world.

Nonprofits employ 15% of the NH workforce.  Nonprofits are businesses that have been granted a special tax status by the IRS because they provide a public benefit and profits support the mission (and are not distributed back).  They provide jobs, require a solid business model, purchase goods, rent and own property, and provide good and services.  They provide vital support and direct contributions to a thriving local economy and vibrant community.

Did you know that more people work in the nonprofit sector than the finance, insurance and real estate sectors combined?  That it provides 5.5% of the US GDP?  That there are 8,401 nonprofits in NH – with 80% of them operating with budgets under $100,000?  That business relies on the nonprofit sector for support on everything from improving bottom-line performance to going green to injecting creativity into their workforce?

Did you know that Hannah Grimes has a Nonprofit Center that offers very affordable office space to nonprofits and that we offer services to this important sector of our economy through our Giving Monadnock Program?

To all of you who actively support the nonprofit sector, thank you & keep up the good work.