How Will You Know That Your Farm Business is Successful?

Success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The Hannah Grimes Center wants to help business owners achieve success. Currently, we are focusing on the success of four industries: farming, independent retail, construction and artisans.

Farm Focus:

What is success to farm business owners? What we’ve heard from Monadnock Region farmers is that a successful farm:
• Provides a living wage to all farm workers.
• Affords health insurance to the farmer’s family.
• Raises happy farm animals & satisfied customers.

How does Hannah Grimes currently help farmers and food processors achieve success?

• An online Farm Focus e-newsletter highlighting regional farming events, business training and news.
• Free classified ads section in the Monadnock Localvore e-newsletter that goes out to 550 local food enthusiasts.
• Monthly business coaching sessions and workshops in marketing, sales and other topics offered free of charge.
• Access to a year-round market for local products at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace on Main Street.

We’re currently in the process of developing better ways for Hannah Grimes and our partners to support farm businesses in our region. Please feel free to share your vision for your farm’s success and other thoughts with us – email us at or call 603-352-5063.