Monadnock Menus: Getting Local on the Menu

Monadnock Menus, a community initiative from Monadnock Farm & Community Connection, is for farmers, restaurants and chefs in our region. The goal is to create a community where local food is easy to find by identifying restaurants that are serving local food.  Below is more information about Monadnock Menus and tools for making successful Farm to Table relationships.

Monadnock Menus Goals

The Monadnock Menus Program has a full plate of goals – to create a community where local food is easy to find, increase the number of restaurants and cafeterias serving local food, and encourage more eaters to choose local food wherever we eat. As Monadnock Menus develops this program we glean ideas and resources from other programs such as the Vermont Fresh Network, New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection, and Monadnock Matchmaker Event.

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Tools for Selling to Restaurants, Retailers & Institutions: Keys to a Successful Relationship
Originally Posted on CISA

Selling directly to restaurants, retailers and institutions can be a great way to expand your business and develop a reliable customer base. This tip sheet is part of a series (all available at designed to help farmers respond to the unique challenges in reaching out to and maintaining relationships with direct wholesale purchasers. When you approach restaurant owners, chefs, retailers, and purchasers at hospital, college and workplace cafeterias, you need to be prepared and professional. What follows are some tips for getting started and for keeping the relationship going strong over the years. View Selling Tipsheet.

• Pricing & Invoicing Tipsheet:
• Rodale Institute's Tipsheet:

Pros & Cons of Selling Directly to Restaurants
Originally Posted on ATTRA News, October 2009

• Easy first sale
• High margin
• Purchase by the carton
• May buy a little or a lot
• Good market intelligence
• Local
• Reliable customers
• Do not require a standard pack

• Small order size/frequent delivery
• Picky-require top quality
• Slow pay
• Require personal attention
• High turnover of buyers
• Must have a harvest schedule in advance
• Require a specific delivery time window, such as 9 to 11 a.m.

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