What Can You Do to Help Small & Beginner Farmers of New Hampshire?

What Can You do to Help?

By Small & Beginner Farmers of New Hampshire

Join, if you haven't already. It's easy to pay your $15.00 dues online (www.sbfnh.org) or by US mail (address on the web site). It's cheap, it's easy.
Benefit: We'll still be here when you need us.

Let us know if you want electronic delivery only of your newsletter now. (Drop an e-mail to newsletter@sbfnh.org) It will come in a web-optimized .pdf so's not to choke your dial-up.
Benefit: You'll get the newsletter quicker and in color. Snazzy.

Recruit new members. Nag your e-list friends to "farmer up."
Benefit: The e-list–and other SBFNH benefits–will continue to exist.

Donate or help us raise money. Ask your customers or local foods group to become members or donors.
Benefit: They'll be even more invested than ever in supporting local ag.

Look for advertisers/sponsors. We'll be happy to approach them if you're shy.
Benefit: You'll see the fruits of your labor with every ad that appears. (Drop a line to newsletter@sbfnh.org to learn more.)

Talk about SBFNH. With friends, with family, at the grain store. See next two suggestions for ice breakers.
Benefit: You'll impress the heck out of them.

Buy SBFNH logo products. They're great conversation starters. Contact Damon Burt (dburt@fragglerockfarm.net or 603-969-5574) for details.
Benefit: You'll look totally cool. Totally.

Put SBFNH info in your local grain store. We have new flyers in the works.
Benefit: You'll be helping to build a supportive farmer-to-farmer network in New Hampshire.

Get more involved. Attend a county or state meeting. We will not push you to volunteer.
Benefit: Farmers are nice to be with.

What else? Send your ideas to leader@sbfnh.org or bring them to your local meetings.