Finance & Administration Director

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Cynthia Anne Sterling settled in Keene, NH when Pitchfork Records, White Mountain Creamery, Woolworths, Jupiters and Goodnow’s graced Keene’s Main Street. The Boston-Maine train still passed through and shoes were being made on Water St. Cindy fell in love, planted roots, and eventually became a downtown business owner herself (Sterling Studios, LLC and Impact Earth).

Cindy has a BA in Geography with a focus in Environmental Studies and a minor in Theater Arts and Dance. She also has an AD in Nursing and an MA in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Holistic Studies

Cindy comes to Hannah Grimes Center after years of service as a grants manager, writer, educator, program director, entrepreneur, therapist and small business owner.

Her published work includes Agriculture in New Hampshire; Buy and Bye: The Rest of the Cycle; Feed It to the Worms: A Vermicomposting Geographic Curriculum GuideLearning from WormsWormology 101: A Vermicomposting Curriculum for Middle and High School TeachersTeaching Toxics: Creating Solutions to Household PollutionThe 3R’s of The Common Core: Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do WithoutA Blueprint for Hazardous Materials Management in Schools; and, Closing the Food Loop at School.

When Cindy is not acting as Hannah Grime’s Finance and Administration Director, you can still find her talking trash, bragging about her boys, and expounding the benefits of yoga with anyone who will listen.