At CONNECT this year, 6 speakers spoke to topics inspired by the City of Keene’s Master Plan and asked the audience to respond to a question. After combing through more than 1,000 responses, we’re beginning to understand the collective vision and impact of the night’s attendees. Take a peek at what we’ve found so far:

A Vibrant Economy

Speaker: Taylor Caswell

How can you fuel a vibrant economy inspired by a more diverse energy vision?

Vibrant Economy

A Creative Learning Culture

Speaker: Jeff Miller

What can you do to help create a future Monadnock Region population that embraces learning, and whose brains are wired to be constructively creative?

Creative Learning Culture


Citizenship and Proactive Leadership

Speaker: Jim Rousmaniere

Where in the hive do you next buzz?

Citizenship and Leadership

Unique Natural Environment

Speaker: Ryan Owens

How does the natural environment of the Monadnock region enhance your quality of life?

What can you do to make sure this effect will still be felt by others in 50 years?

Unique Natural Environment

A Healthy Community

Speaker: Rudy Fedrizzi

What are you going to do, together with others, to help make our community the healthiest it can be?

Healthy Community

A Quality Built Environment

Speaker: Tedd Benson

If you could transport yourself to the future and attend the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of Keene in 2232, what metaphorical cathedrals could we preserve or build that would be cherished then?

Quality Built Environment