Monthly co-working space is broken down into three sections:  (Daily & Weekly drop-in co-working is available at The HIVE, click here to be directed to daily/weekly co-working rental.)

Little: $100 per month, building access from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.  This includes the Buckminster & Annex Conference Room rental up to 10 hours per month, access to the kitchen, bottomless coffee, and access to educational programming and networking events.

Medium: $150 per month, 24/7 building access.  This includes the Buckminster & Annex Conference Room rental up to 10 hours per month, kitchen access, bottomless coffee, and access to educational programming and networking events.

Big: $200 per month, 24/7 building access.  This includes access to all conference rooms for up to 10 hours per month, kitchen access, use of downstairs refrigerator, bottomless coffee, and access to educational programming and networking events.

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The HIVE: Monthly Rental

  • Individual using co-working space
  • Price: $100.00
    8am-5pm Building Access, Monthly
  • Price: $150.00
    24/7 Building Access, Monthly
  • Price: $200.00
    24/7 Building Access, Monthly ALL Conference Rooms, up to 10 hours per month.
  • $0.00
    The HIVE is an affordable co-working space which provides visitors with a quiet area where they can concentrate on work, boosting their productivity and widening their networking circle, as well as a place for collaboration to increase creativity and innovation. We have learned that "being a good neighbor" and the Golden Rule mean different things to different people. To keep The HIVE affordable and make sure everyone is on the same page, we have created the guidelines below. Before using The HIVE co-working space you must also sign-up for an orientation. Information about the next orientations can be found on our website.
    to be friendly! We are all in this together! The HIVE is a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your network!
    co-working space is for members to work. It is fine to show non-members around, but this is not the place for members to hang out with friends or non-members and poach some free WiFi. Keene has plenty of coffee shops for that purpose!
    co-working is a shared space, this means we share responsibility to keep our costs down and we hope that you will join us and make an investment into the community – keeping things tidy and clean, being respectful of property and equipment. This means throwing away your trash, picking up after yourself and being considerate of those around you.
    to be a courteous eater – if you spill it, clean it up; if you make a mess in the sink, wipe it down; used a mug, wash it! This is what the cleaning supplies are there for. The kitchen is not for you alone - never leave anything behind, on the shelves, in the sink, anywhere. (Please note, we do not have a refrigerator for use in the co-working space.)
    to RECYCLE! We have compost, recycling and trash receptacles by the bar and in the kitchen. All food can go in compost, coffee and tea goes to feed our mushrooms. Plastic, paper, glass and metal can go in recycling together; everything else goes in the trash. Large items and/or cardboard are your responsibility to dispose of, do not leave them behind for us to throw away and do not put them in the trash.
    to not change the thermostat.
    to not bring pets into the building. We love pets but they are prohibited from entering the building.
    to keep the volume of my conversations down. We suggest putting your phone on vibrate or lowering the ring tone.
    to not use the conference room, unless I have booked it. The furniture that is in the conference room must stay in the conference room at all times. You are welcome to book the conference room through our website if you would like to utilize this feature.
    keys will be given out upon 24/7 membership for a deposit of $10. When they key is returned, you will be refunded your deposit. Doors are automatically unlocked at 8am and lock again at 5pm, Monday through Friday.
    metered city parking is available in the parking lot behind Hannah Grimes. You may park in an unmarked parking space or “guests of Hannah Grimes” parking space in our parking lot. Parking anywhere else in the lot will result in your car being towed without warning at your cost.
    We want to hear from you – if you have ideas or suggestions to make the space better, please SHARE!
    Machina Arts hosts a weekly networking event on Friday evening at 5pm. We hope you will join us! All are welcome! On occasion there will be cultural/educational events held in The HIVE. We promise to give ample notice with posts on the chalk board by the door and on our website calendar. We recommend checking out the events and seeing if any would be of interest to you!
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    Individual using co-working space

PLEASE NOTE: There is a mandatory orientation for all members of The HIVE.  Once your registration has been complete you will be contacted by a staff member to set up an orientation time.  Thank you!