Since 2006, 89% of the businesses that have participated in the Incubator Program are still in business.

Businesses see an average growth of 98% after their first year in the Hannah Grimes Incubator.

Our Vision

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you’re driven, creative, and talented. You recognize how difficult it can be to navigate the many obstacles to success. From that first inventory purchase to hiring your first employee, a world of unknowns impedes your progress (and confidence). You’re constantly balancing today’s concerns with notions of the future, feeling overwhelmed all the while.

Our incubator has a proven model that accelerates the growth and viability of companies by providing affordable access to professional programs and resources, including business plan development, growth planning, goal setting, and overcoming common obstacles to success. Whether you need help with your finances, operations, or simply staying on track, we’re here to help. Our incubator is a place where you can leverage your energy in a supportive environment to propel your business forward.

What is an incubator?

Business incubators, as defined by InBIA, “nurture the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable.” Incubators offer a foundation for starting businesses of all types to learn, grow, and be successful.

We can help you build and/or grow a successful, strong business with our incubator program by…


In the incubator, you meet monthly with our staff as well as with the group of other entrepreneurs in the incubator. We’ll cover finances, strategy, organizational development, social media, personal development, and whatever else you need! You’ll have the community you need to find the resources to succeed.




Entrepreneurs in our incubator report monthly in one-on-one meetings on their goals and finance, providing an opportunity to discuss, review, and address potential concerns. We help you create and update your business plan, review and understand your financial statements, and set strategic goals.




Every dollar counts when you’re starting a business. That’s why we offer a single monthly rate that includes program fees, private office space, and the shared resources of our facility, including access to high-speed wi-fi, a printer, a kitchen, conference rooms, and a shower. We help ensure you have the space to succeed!  Don’t need the space?  For $100 a month you can be a part of the Incubator Program without the office but all the accountability and support the program offers.


  •  $295-$400/month, depending on office size and location

For either arrangement, the program fee includes free wi-fi and access to our shared resources (printer, kitchen, and shower).

How to Apply

  1. Schedule a meeting with our program director so we can learn more about your business!
  2. Fill out the application and email to Here is the application.  Be sure you have included references and all required financial documents. We can help you if there’s something you don’t have or understand!
  3. Upon receiving your application, the HG Staff review your application, conduct an interview, and check your references. A decision regarding your application will be sent to you within a few weeks.

If you have any questions about your application status or the process, please contact us at or (603) 352-5063.

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inbia_logoInBIA Member

Hannah Grimes is a member of the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), an international organization with over 2,000 members across 60 countries. InBIA’s mission is to support organizations that promote and support entrepreneurs, such as Hannah Grimes. InBIA offers tools, research, proven methodologies, and trainings to ensure that incubators and related organizations are running at their highest potential.



color-sba-gif2015 SBA Accelerator Award Winner

Hannah Grimes is honored to be awarded one of 80 national prizes by the Small Business Administration, acknowledging the incubator’s success and role in supporting startups in southwestern New Hampshire. As a part of this year’s cohort, the incubator received $50,000 to support and bolster the incubator’s programming. The Hannah Grimes Staff is thrilled to be exploring new and innovative ways to support current and future incubator associates.