We believe strongly in the value and impact of strong community leaders. Regardless of the sector, industry, or focus, those with strong leadership characteristics and traits are the ones that drive the community forward.

Our mission, to help business and the community innovate, connect, thrive, and give back, is naturally open to finding ways to promote leadership among business owners and community members. To do so, we have created Leadership Circle, a peer group for growing business leaders, and Executive Directors’ Group, a monthly, knowledge-driven group for Executive Directors to collaborate, share, and overcome obstacles.

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Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle is a peer group for growing business leaders in the Monadnock Region. With guest speakers, facilitated discussions, and a cohort of familiar faces, Leadership Circle is designed to help seasoned business owners overcome their most complex and nuanced challenges.

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Executive Directors’ Group

As the Executive Director of a nonprofit, you know just how challenging it can be to raise money, manage staff, stay organized, and plan for the future.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2017 Executive Directors’ Group, a collaborative group of Executive Directors from across the region who are interested in working together to tackle some of the regional nonprofits’ most challenging issues. Join fellow nonprofit leaders in facilitated confidential discussions on a number of topics, including financial management, strategic thinking, and fundraising!

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