Micro-grants for growth & innovation

The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship has created The Pandemic Pivot Fund™ to give micro-grants of up to $2,000 to small businesses to blunt the risk of developing new opportunities for innovation and growth in a tumultuous economy.  Privately-owned companies in Cheshire County with less than $1 million in annual revenues are eligible.

We believe that creative entrepreneurs offer our region its best chance to move successfully into a greatly-changed economy.  We also know that making an investment or taking a risk may be particularly challenging for small businesses right now.  We’d like to see great ideas flowing once again and hope these funds will help entrepreneurs fund those ideas.  Collectively, the fund will offer our community the opportunity to begin rebuilding the local economy one good idea at a time.

The fund will cover costs for things like new equipment, new or upgraded web sites, marketing, new space, expenses related to inventory and packaging for new product lines, or significant expansion of existing product lines.  It will not provide funding for things like existing rent, ongoing operational costs, or current payroll.

The application process is simple.  Privately owned small businesses based in Cheshire County with less than $1 million in 2019 revenue are eligible and will be asked to provide a business name, owner name, type of business, the use of funds, and one letter of support from someone in the community.  Businesses receiving funding will also be required to attend two zoom meetings – one on June 26 and one on July 31.  Members of the community will help make the selection based on the criteria of impact and feasibility.  The application is open until 12pm on June 24 and funding will be announced on June 25.  Funds are available beginning June 30, businesses will have until July 31 to spend the money.  The number of awards available will be dependent on donations received.  Please share with friends and in social media and feel free to both give and apply to receive!

** To be considered, please submit both your application and the HGC Intake form below. 

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The Pandemic Pivot­™ Fund was inspired by a pilot project by the NH CDFA, funded by Citizens Bank, to provide $2,000 micro grants to small businesses. Learn more about the initiative here.