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Sometimes the first step towards turning an idea into reality is saying it out loud. Giving voice to an idea can help it grow into something fully formed and ready to bear fruit. The Idea Jam is a place for civic entrepreneurs, local instigators, grassroots leaders, and everyday citizens to share ideas about how to help their communities thrive.

The event will feature an open mic where you can pitch your idea to a welcoming and supportive peer group. No idea is too small or too big to bring to the table. It could be something brand new or an existing project. The important thing is that the idea would in some way make your community more vibrant, prosperous, strong, sustainable…a generally more awesome place to be.

Not sure whether the Idea Jam is the right place to share your idea? First of all, yes it is! Here are a few examples, though, to open your imagination:

  • A festival in your community’s downtown.
  • A grassroots initiative that facilitates neighbors helping neighbors.
  • Local efforts to make a community more welcoming and supportive of small business.
  • A business or organizational start-up.
  • Creative ways to expand childcare access.
  • An initiative to improve transportation options.
  • A novel approach to creating more housing options.
  • Any project or program with a connection to an important community issue.

You won’t need to bring anything to the Jam other than yourself and your idea—distilled to a 90-second pitch. Here are some points you may want to touch upon in your pitch (you probably won’t be able to address them all):

  1. Name
  2. Quick description of idea
  3. Who’s working on this?
  4. What stage is the idea in?
  5. How does this idea help your community thrive? What is the opportunity?
  6. What resources and support is needed to move this idea forward.
  7. What is one small step you can take?
  8. What is one question you want to ask this group?

Even if you don’t want to pitch an idea yourself, you’re still welcome to attend and cheer on your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. All in the Monadnock Region are welcome to attend.

In addition to pitching and hearing about amazing ideas, attendees will learn how those ideas can connect with regional economic development work underway through the Our Economy initiative.

Next Community Idea Jam:

June 29th, 2022
5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
Location: The HIVE at Hannah Grimes Center
25 Roxbury St. Keene, NH 

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Questions? Contact either Sara Powell or Todd Horner.