Does the cat distract you when you work at home? Does the plumber need to ask about the leak one more time? Does the local coffee shop know your first, second, and third favorite drinks?

It may be time to find a place to actually work!

Geared towards solopreneurs, freelancers, nonprofit leaders and business owners looking for a new working environment, this coworking day offers a fun, comfortable environment to get your work done.

WHAT: Pop-Up Coworking Day

WHERE: Upstairs Conference Room @ Hannah Grimes Center, 25 Roxbury Street, Keene, NH

WHEN : Click the link below!

WHO: Freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit leaders, professionals, students

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Why Should I Come?

Finding an affordable, quiet place to work can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Coffee shops are a fantastic solution for some, but not for others. The Pop-up Coworking Day is an experiment in coworking, community building, and affordable working space. If it’s popular, we’ll keep offering it! Now, wouldn’t that be cool?