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Localvores buy and grow food raised within 150 miles of their home. We’re fortunate that our Monadnock region has a plethora of options to choose from our neighborhoods, items such as meat, milk, cheese, apple cider, vegetables, mushrooms, yogurt, fruits, herbs, maple syrup, maple sugar and honey. Reaching beyond our neighbors, we can round our diet to include Maine Sea Salt, and ocean-fresh fish; Vermont corn meal, sunflower oil, flour and dried beans; and New Hampshire spirits including wine, brandy, and vodka.

Getting started?

Here are some simple Localvore steps you can take:

  • Buy local food from farms, farm stands and farmers markets when available and at stores which carry local products.
  • Start a small kitchen garden or a few containers of herbs, vegetables or fruit plants.
  • Add just one new local food to your repertoire a week, host a potluck dinner where guests include at least one local ingredient in their dish, visit a local farm and buy something from them.
  • Join one of the area CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture).
  • Attend a Localvore workshop.
  • Check out the website:

What are the benefits of buying local foods?

Weaving together a thriving local agricultural economy and a vibrant community Local food is fresh, healthy and delicious. The act of buying, growing and preparing fresh, local food connects us with the land and the people who work it. Buying foods locally has economic, environmental, and health benefits. It also adds to our eating pleasure when we know where our food has come from and the farmer who grew it. Every dollar spent on local food is a vote for tasty, nutritious food. It is a vote to local farms as a beautiful and healthy part of our landscape. It is a vote for a secure, local food supply. It weaves together a thriving local agricultural economy and vibrant community. This project is dedicated to all of our producers and farmers and the people who support them.

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