Class Handouts

Before Class 1

Bill Gross, The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed (TED Talk)
As you start a business, think not only about yourself, your team, and finances, but also about the external factors influencing your business. Is the timing right for your business? Who are your customers? What are currently their biggest problems and concerns? Why now?

Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action (TED Talk):
Sinek speaks quite directly and accurately to the idea that speaking of the “why” in any business is always more effective than telling people what you do. What is your why? How do you discover it?

Bel Pesce, 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams (TED Talk)
This is an inspirational, creative summary of success and achieving your dreams, which includes following the path of an entrepreneur. Take a minute to let her points sink in and think about how they apply to your life and pursuit of entrepreneurship. Where can you apply her insight to your life and upcoming venture?

Udacity Videos on Value Proposition


Before Class 2

Business model canvas

  • Value Propositions, Mission/Vision/Values

Business Plan Template

  • Section 1, The Company

Udacity Videos on Customer Segments

Udacity Videos on Channels

Before Class 3

Business Model Canvas

  • Customer segments, channels, and clean up value proposition

Business Plan Template

  • Sections marked #2-3, clean up 1 as needed


  • Mission/Vision/Values slide – will present next week

Udacity Videos on Customer Relationships

Udacity Videos on Revenue Streams

Jersey Square Revenue Example –

Before Class 4

Business Model Canvas

  • Customer Relationships & Revenue Streams

Business Plan Template

  • Section 7, Financial Analysis

Pitch Template

  • About You
  • Mission, Vision, Values

Udacity Videos